The Wedding Singer

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17 Oct to 1 Nov 2008
The Street Theatre


Music by: Matthew Sklar
Book by: Chad Beguelin and Tim Herlihy
Lyrics by: Chad Beguelin
Based On: Based on the New Line Cinema film written by Tim Herlihy


Production Team

Director Garrick Smith
Musical Director Rose Shorney
Choreographer Jacqui Richards
Production Manager Jenny Wookey
Stage Manager  
Lighting Designer Chris Neal
Sound Designer Chris Shackleton
Costumes Suzan Cooper
Set Brian Sudding (Sudzsets)
Props Marilyn McCormack
Photography Jenny Wookey & Garrick Smith
Publicity Ruth Boddy
Programme Garrick Smith
Poster Adaptation  
Front Of House Manager Jenny Wookey



Robbie Hart Tim Sekuless
Sammy Will Huang
George Jeff van der Zandt
Julia Sullivan Bec Franks
Holly Amy Dunham
Glen Guglia Eric Wawra
Rosie Maureen Read
Linda Karolina Latkoska
Angie Michelle Klemke
Female Ensemble Alli Clark
  Anita Davenport
  April Newell
  Jane Faulder
  Lara Carloff
  Megan Porter
Male Ensemble Daniel Arquero
  James Wookey
 Joey Cormick
  Matt Short
  Nick Tranter
  Pete Ricardo
  Paul Adams



Conductor/Keyboard Rose Shorney
Keyboard Ewan Harwood
Keyboard Catherine Rheinberger
Clarinet/Alto Saxophone Kirsten Nilsson
Tenor Saxophone Bronwyn Paschalidis
Trumpet Gemma Phillips
Flute/Percussion Bernie Evans
Guitars James McPherson
  Paul Hogie
  Louie Fourie
Bass Guitar Eric Dallas
Drums Gabe Trew

Musical Numbers

Act One

Act Two

It's Your Wedding Day - Robbie & Company

All About the Green - Glen, Robbie and Company

Someday - Julia

Someday (Reprise) - Julia

A Note From Linda - Linda

Right in Front of Your Eyes - Holly and Sammy

Pop! - Holly, Julia, Angie and Company

Single - Sammy, Robbie, George, Ricky, Bum and Men

Somebody Kill Me - Robbie

If I Told You - Robbie and Julia

A Note From Grandma - Rosie

Let Me Come Home - Linda

Casualty of Love - Robbie and Company

If I Told You (Reprise) - Robbie and Julia

Come Out of the Dumpster - Julia and Robbie

Move That Thang - Rosie and George

Today You Are a Man - Robbie, Sammy and George

Grow Old With You - Robbie and Julia

George's Prayer - George

It's Your Wedding Day (Finale) - The Company

Not That Kind of Thing - Robbie, Julia and Company


Saturday Night in the City - Holly and Company




Act One

It's 1985 and New Jersey's favourite wedding singer Robbie Hart is rocking the reception hall with his signature tune, It's Your Wedding Day. When Robbie's band takes a break, he bumps into the new waitress, Julia Sullivan. It's Julia's first night and she can't help imagining what it would be like if she were the bride. Though her boyfriend Glen hasn't proposed, she's positive it's bound to happen Someday.

The following day Robbie gets ready for his own wedding with the help of his Grandma Rosie. But while Robbie's standing at the altar he receives A Note From Linda. It seems that Robbie's fiancé has changed her mind. Robbie is devastated.

Meanwhile, in the bathroom of the banquet hall, Julia is preparing for a date with Glen. Her cousin Holly and her mother Angie try to convince her that Glen's going to propose. The set changes to a tacky revolving restaurant where Glen indeed finally asks Julia to marry him (Pop!).

Still a wreck from being dumped, Robbie refuses to leave his bed. Instead, he spends his time writing songs about his now ex-fiancée (Somebody Kill Me). His band mates Sammy and George arrive and try to raise his spirits. They give him a letter they found taped to his bedroom door (A Note From Grandma). Convinced he must get back on the horse, Robbie agrees to play another wedding gig. But as soon as he's back at work, his depression turns to rage and he destroys the reception (Casualty Of Love).

The angry wedding guests toss Robbie into a dumpster outside the hall. Miserable, Robbie refuses to leave until Julia convinces him to Come Out of the Dumpster. Julia suggests that Robbie play non-wedding functions in order to get his feet wet again. Robbie takes her advice and books a bar mitzvah (Today You Are a Man). Robbie then introduces George, the band's keyboard player, saying that he has written a special song for the occasion (George's Prayer). While George sings, Julia tells Robbie that Glen is too busy to help her register for wedding gifts. Robbie reluctantly agrees to stand in for Glen. As they make their way through the Ridgefield Galleria, Robbie and Julia constantly get mistaken for a couple (Not That Kind of Thing).

Julia and Robbie meet up with Holly at the bridal salon. Holly demands to know what Julia's wedding kiss will be like. After some cajoling from Holly, Julia practices the kiss on Robbie. Sparks fly. Never having seen this side of Robbie, Holly decides to ask him out on a date. In fact everyone gets stoked for a Saturday Night in the City. At the club Holly realizes that Robbie has fallen for Julia. She tells him that Julia is marrying Glen because he's rich. Robbie vows to become more like Glen to win Julia over as the curtain falls.

Act Two

Determined to start making money, Robbie shows up on Wall Street and asks Glen for a job. Glen reinforces Robbie's suspicions that life is truly All About the Green.

Meanwhile Julia grills Holly about what happened at the club. Holly admits that she kissed Robbie, but nothing happened. Julia has doubts about Glen (Someday-Reprise). Sammy shows up and tries to put the moves on Holly. Holly blows him off, but can't deny that she's starting to have feelings for him (Right in Front of Your Eyes).

Julia finds out that Robbie has quit the band and is now working on Wall Street. She confronts Robbie, telling him he can't give up his music. Robbie tells Julia that she's only marrying Glen because he's got money. Julia storms off and Robbie goes to a bar to drink his problems away.

Sammy and George show up and find Robbie getting drunk. They try to cheer him up by singing the joys of being Single. The song only makes Robbie decide to tell Julia how he really feels. Robbie arrives at Julia's house and sees her through her window, dressed in her wedding gown. Afraid she'll reject him, he decides not to tell her he's in love with her (If I Told You).

Drunk and depressed, Robbie arrives home to find Linda waiting for him. She tries to restart their relationship, but Robbie ends up passing out (Let Me Come Home).

Julia shows up the next morning and finds Linda in Robbie's bedroom. Thinking they are back together Julia decides to elope with Glen to Vegas.

Robbie arrives at an anniversary party for his grandparents and Holly tells him that Julia and Glen have eloped. He decides to go after them (If I Told You - Reprise). George and Rosie are left onstage alone. They provide their own style of music for the party (Move That Thang).

Robbie arrives in Vegas, and eventually finds Julia and Glen. Robbie crashes the wedding and sings Julia his latest composition (Grow Old With You). Robbie proposes and Julia accepts. The happy couple, along with the Vegas impersonators, head home to Jersey. The show ends at Robbie and Julia's wedding reception (It's Your Wedding Day).

Canberra Area Theatre Awards

2008 CAT Awards:


    Best Production of a Musical
  • Teatro Vivaldi Best Actor in a Leading Role in a Musical- Tim Sekuluss
  • LJ Hooker Financial Best Actress in a Supporting Role in a Musical - Amy Dunham

2008 CAT Awards Nominations:

  • Best Production of a Musical
  • Best Costumes- Suzan Cooper
  • Patricia Kelson Encouragement Award- Megan Porter
  • Best Actor in a Leading Role in a Musical- Tim Sekuluss
  • Best Actress in a Leading Role in a Musical- Rebecca Franks
  • Best Actor in a Supporting Role in a Musical- Jeffrey Van de Zandt
  • Best Actress in a Supporting Role in a Musical- Amy Dunham
  • Best Actress in a Supporting Role in a Musical - Maureen Read